Why Spotlight Medical?

When the COVID-19 pandemic came, we watched as our friends suddenly found themselves unemployed overnight. As veterans in the industry, we recognized that these production and logistics professionals had the exact skillset the pandemic required.

We’ve created Spotlight Medical to help our community of talented touring professionals find work in a world that’s sidelined touring events. We have been lucky enough to provide many skilled positions to out of work individuals during the economic downturn.

By implementing COVID-19 testing and compliance best practices at shows, events, and workplaces, we hope to employ as many out-of-work industry professionals as possible.

Our Team

Jay Rigby


Jay is a 15-year veteran sound engineer for top artists in the music industry. He noticed the problem the pandemic brought to his industry and sought out solutions to provide covid support to productions big and small. Jay saw an opportunity to provide streamlined & effective solutions for covid-testing from inside the music industry.

Vincent Casamatta


Vince has upheld a reputation as a top-tier sound engineer with nearly 20 years of experience mixing live concerts.  After seeing his colleagues in touring and event production with no place to turn during the pandemic, he wanted to create a space for touring professionals affected by the pandemic to get back to work servicing their industry for the better.

Sacha Bambadji


Sacha has been a A-level production manager for 25 years in the music industry. Word traveled, he worked to understand and guide Covid-19 policy in music, events and production. Sacha’s early involvement in events and production post-covid allowed him to quickly become a guiding voice for Covid-19 policy within the industry.

Lisa Gunderson

Senior Client Services Manager

Lisa is a master organizer and operations wizard. Her strong background in Covid compliance management is essential to her being the leader of all day-to-day operations and ensuring timely customer service and data reporting.

Britt Binder

Director of Operations

Britt has a proven track record of implementing operational solutions to streamline processes and foster positive work culture. Her communication skills make her an ace at maintaining meaningful relationships and a natural fit to lead day-to-day operations for the Spotlight team.

Chyanne Richardson

Lead Project Manager

With a background in live music production, Chyanne has used her skills of efficient coordination and big-picture thinking to project manage the Covid-19 testing and compliance for concerts, events, and tours.

John Dacosta

Head of Logistics, Inventory & Supply Chain

John has a many years of high profile touring and production experience as a lighting designer for large scale shows and multi day events. He has been with Spotlight helping us stay ahead of the curve as we have grown the past year.

Katie Jones

Project Manager

Alternating between both the music and entertainment industries, Katie has proven she understands what it takes to ensure each client’s project is successful from start to finish. Her natural ability to provide concise communication based on each client’s needs, while always remaining friendly and approachable, makes her an asset to any project.

Adam Robinson


Adam’s always been the “tech” guy designing solutions. As Spotlight grew, longtime associates Jay & Vince knew they could call on him to join the team to run point on all things tech. He looks after Spotlight’s current systems, finds new ways to improve them, and is always looking out for new tools to help handle the company’s growing data management needs.

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